How to deal with a postponed match while using Betway

Many leading online bookmakers do everything in their power to offer their services to as many people as possible. To get more clients, some of the big names like Betway offer punters the chance to wager on all sorts of things and have an abundance of markets. So, if any fixture on Betway is not played or postponed on its scheduled date for any reason, players will have to pick something else or use specific steps if they want to place their bets.

Nowadays, events get postponed for all sorts of things. Aside from injuries, there might be all kinds of controversies and other reasons that have an effect on the team. Fortunately, operators like Betway made a solution for people who find themselves in this situation, and in this article, we will learn more about it.

The difference between a postponed an abandoned game

Even though some people might think that an abandoned and postponed game is the same, this isn’t the case, at least for Betway. People who use this operator and bet on a game that stops for different reasons won’t have to give up on their bet. Instead, Betway will allow them to wait up to 24h, and if the match doesn’t resume after that, the bet will be voided.

Once your bet is voided, you will get different things, depending on your bet type. If you’ve placed a single bet, the operator will return your full stake. That said, those who’ve wagered on an ACCA bet will win something based on the other results. In other words, if you’ve wagered on more than one selection and one of them is abandoned, Betway will let you get the winnings from the rest, assuming you predict them.

Postpone matches & Build a Bet

Betway is home to some of the leading features for online betting, one of which is called Build a Bet. Choosing this option will allow you to create a unique bet and wager on several selections. However, if you decide to use this option and one of the things you bet on gets postponed, your entire Build a Bet will be voided. 

In other words, if you suspect something might happen with a given event, it is probably better to avoid using this feature.

Voided bets on Betway- Things to Keep in Mind

Choosing Betway as your go-to online bookmaker will allow you to keep track of all of your bets, including those that are voided. Although most sports betting fans in Europe choose bookies that do not share this information with their clients, this one is different.

Betway will make sure to inform you if you have any voided bets. Besides sending notifications, you can also use the feature to check your bet history. To do that, head over to “My Bets” after logging in.

Keep in mind that the voided bets will give you the money you’ve used on them. In other words, you don’t win, but you also don’t lose. 

Postponed bets & bonuses

Aside from placing regular bets, there will be cases where you will wager on an event while having an active bonus. If you find yourself in this situation, you must check the promotion’s Terms and Conditions or contact Betway’s customer support for more information.

For example, if this operator gives you access to a free bet and you use it to wager on something and that bet is voided, Betway will give you back the amount. In other words, you can place another free bet. Sadly, there are many exceptions to this rule, so you have to be careful.