How To Bet On College Football – A Useful Guide For Beginners

We are a few weeks away from the college football season beginning. The amateur league has its own fan base and support. It is entirely different from the pro league NFL, including rules, playing conditions, players, and stadiums. But, in the end, it is a game of football with two teams colliding.

As compared to the NFL, the count of matches in college football is way more, and so is the number of teams. You will have many chances of winning a bet and improving your skills as a beginner. It can be intimidating to keep track of all the matches. Hence, it is critical to understand which games to bet on and their odds.

It can be challenging to learn how college football betting works if you’re just getting started with it because there is so much going on. In order to help you bet on college football, we’ve put together this guide.


It is the simplest form of football betting. In this type, all you need is to pick a team. If your pre-selected team wins, you win. You will receive a payout, including the wagering amount and the return on it. If your pick loses, you also lose your money. For starters, moneyline betting is easy to understand the odds and how this NCAAF betting system works.

Each team has varying odds based on their players, head-to-head record, stats, form, etc. These odds determine their chances of winning a game. If a team is less likely to win, their odds will indicate a positive sign. A team most likely to win will have the negative sign with odds. Similarly, the payout will be better for an underdog team as compared to the favorite.

For example, in a match between Texas and Tennessee. Tennessee is in great winning form and has a deadly combination while Texas is struggling. The odds will indicate these factors. Texas will have +200 odds, and Tennessee will enter the match with -300 odds.

In these betting odds, the positive odds show the amount you will win after betting $100, and the negative odds show how much you will have to bet to win $100.

Spread betting

This one is a bit similar to moneyline betting. The primary difference between the two is that the spread betting states the difference of points. Again, in a match between Tennessee and Texas, the spread is -4.5 for Tennessee and +4.5 for Texas.

What it means is for you to win a bet. If you choose Tennessee, they have to win by over 5 points. If you choose Texas, then they have to lose by less than 5 points. Further, the sportsbook will also state the odds, which will help you to calculate your return.

Props bet

Here is another easy type of college betting for beginners. Instead of predicting the overall result and picking a team beforehand, props bet allows you to bet on specific events of the game.

Prop bets can include yes or no prop bets, team or player-specific prop bets, or multiple result props bet.

Mistakes to avoid

It can be an overwhelming experience when you start as a college bettor. Therefore, it is better to avoid as many mistakes as possible.

  • Never be emotional about your favorite team. Having biases toward a team you want to win can lose you money. Study both teams and pick which has the best shot of winning.
  • Consider player injuries. This can affect the odds in a match and the chances of a team winning. Look for news related to the match before betting on it.
  • To understand the rules and learn about teams, you must watch college football. At least you can pick your top teams and watch all of their matches. This will give you an edge.