Los Angelos Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs free tip

Today’s FREE TIP comes on an important NBA match Los Angelos Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs from our tipster Ari Atari NBA:

“I tend to get clipped often by the Clippers when I side with them but how can we not at this point? Are the Spurs even hungry anymore? The Clippers feed off momentum and they’re so starved for legitimacy in the post-season that they’ll do just about anything to get it. LA has the recipe for success at home and it revolves around DeAndre Jordan protecting the rim like the beast that he is. Duncan, Parker and Ginobili continue to struggle in the paint with Parker hobbling after tweaking his ankle and Jordan’s insane reach altering the release on their shots. San Antonio can tie up this series at home where they are practically untouchable but this is another night for LA and their raucous home crowd. Chris Paul over Tony Parker. Leonard gets his points while Griffin gets his. Crawford provides the spark off the bench and Jordan owns the paint. Take the Clippers and hope that we don’t get clipped.”

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