Brooklyn Nets‬ vs Atlanta ‪Hawks free tip

Today’s FREE TIP comes from the top professional basketball league inUSA Brooklyn Nets‬ vs Atlanta ‪Hawks from our tipster Shane Sports NBA: “This series is with the atlanta hawks 2-1, with all home teams winning all games to date and brooklyn covering all 3 games so far, with the two games in atlanta being double digit spread, but where i see the edge in this one is on the total.

Game 1 , total was 205. 5, score was 99-92 , 191 points, going under by a whopping 14. 5 points
Game 2, total was 202. 5 (down 3 points from game 1’s total), score was 96-91 , 187 points, going under again by a whopping 15. 5 points
Game 3, total was 199, score was 91-83 , 174 points, again under easily won by 25 this time.

Now we can see the trend here, the totals have gone under very easily in all 3 games to date, the actual game total score has come down every game as well, so the defense on both ends is operating well, but even the posted total in game 4 of 195. 5 is still above the actual game 1 total, when it was at its highest. Play is under again, the books havent adjusted quickly enough and we can still cash tickets here.”

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