Five Ways to Find Good Independent Tipster

Finding a good independent tipster can be hard, but there are some sure fire ways to put the odds in your favour when it comes to finding a tipping expert to follow.
We have left off some of the most obvious points (that they make a profit!) but here are five key tips to help sift the wheat from the tipster chaff…

 independent tipster

1) Make sure the tips are proofed

It might sound obvious but in this day and age, but you simply can’t just take a tipster’s claims of profit at face value. Thus, the first port of call for any genuine tipster is to have their results verified by a genuinely independent third party service.
All Bet Advisor tipsters are proofed the independent, with racing tipsters also proofed to
Needless to say, if you come across a tipster not willing to proof somewhere genuine, it’s simple…walk away as there are plenty who are worth your time.

2) Are Results There For You To Examine?

Any tipster worth his or her salt must also keep an accurate and easy to understand record of their full past performance for you to access. This should include all bets – both winners and losers (don’t fall for the ploy of some tipsters who just list their winners) and include key performance stats on things like number of bets, total staked, profit/loss and yield.
Thankfully you can examine the results of all our tipsters in full. Bet Advisor takes away the hassle of results reporting from tipsters, with all tips and odds based around a third party data feed. This means you can be confident in the accuracy of our results and know that the tipsters on Bet Advisor are able to focus on what they do best – tipping!

3) Experience Counts

The best tipsters are often the longest-running, as they have proved themselves through thick and thin. Even the best tipsters will have a rocky patch, the key is how they deal with that period. Some of our senior tipsters have been on our site for more than two years so you can be confident of finding some level heads and wise betting decisions.
Tipsters have to start somewhere though, which is why we introduced a low cost way to access the best up and coming tipsters on the market. Our Junior tipsters can be followed from as little as €9 per month, meaning you can test the water with low stakes until you are confident in their performance.

4) Do they respond to your emails and operate a professional service?

Any tipster charging a fee for their tips should offer a certain level of professionalism, be it sending their tips on-time or replying to emails in a courteous manner.
You can often gauge so much about a tipster by their customer service and how they respond to your questions. Thus you should never be afraid to send a quick email before considering joining any tipster. If they are not friendly and helpful in their reply to you as a possible future customer, how might they treat you once you join and they have your money?
Bet Advisor employ a professional customer services team that ensure your queries are dealt with quickly and you can also check the reliability and delivery times of tips before you join.

5) Are they consistent in their approach to tipping?

Finally, be careful if coming across any tipster that constantly chops and changes its approach to tipping. This might mean stopping and starting their service or making some major changes to the way they work – especially after a bad run.
When this happens it often screams out that they don’t really know where their edge lies…and if a tipster doesn’t know how to make a profit – well then they really shouldn’t be advising tips.
There is nothing more re-assuring than a tipster who runs a consistent, solid service with only the occasional minor and well-explained tweaks to their approach.
At Bet Advisor, we manage our tipsters closely and are quick to identify and dramatic changes in approach in the short term. Using our transparent results statistics, you can also judge for yourself if a tipster has changed dramatically over time – for example if they now tip on Italian football having never done so before.

We hope these five steps will help you find the most profitable tipsters to suit your betting!

This article has been written in association with the independent tipster proofing service Secret Betting Club. Secret Betting Club carry no such adverts, instead are fully funded by their members.