VfL Wolfsburg​ v Borussia Dortmund Free Football Tip

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VfL Wolfsburg​ v Borussia Dortmund

Want another Free Tip? – Of course you do. Its VfL Wolfsburg​ v Borussia Dortmund​  in a Bundesliga​ clash from tipster Charlie Bryson. Get it right HERE

“First to say hello to all my new customers.You are on the right place.We will start with Bundesliga (ofcourse) as there is our profit.Match between Wolfsburg and Dortmund are always interesting to preview,and to watch,and there is always material to write about em.As Dortmund has 12 overs and only 2 unders in this season,its obivius that Tuchel wants atcak,and that defence worrie doesnt exist.They tried to atack against Bayern,and they will for sure atack from fiest minute against Wolfsburg…Wolfsburg is missing Dante in last line,and this could be problem for home team,to save goal from hungry tigers in blac&yellow shirts.Confidence in booth squads is high,and Wolves played 0:0 in last match,with many missed chances,and I hope for repay on this match,they should score minimum once! Guests can score how they want,but I dont see them to score more than 4 goals…Last five mutual matches finished with over 2.5 and I see another one at Saturday.Hummels is doubt and I want to see him out,because that will be more percents ,and more stakes on this! Anyway,I expect open match,from booth sides wants something,and goals are guaranteed!”