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SSC Napoli​ v Hellas Verona FC​

Let’s start off on the right foot, with a FREE TIP. It`s about a Coppa Italia​ match SSC Napoli​ v Hellas Verona FC​ from tipster Egon Roberts.

“Unlike the F.A. Cup the Coppa Italia is heavily biased in favour of the top teams. They join the competition late, they can only meet each other in the semifinals (occasionally in the quarter finals, depending on the previous season) and play most of their games at home. Which is why lower teams try to win one or two games, tops, but eventually just give up on their cup dreams. Verona are here because their previous game was against a 3rd division team and it was the first match of the new manager. Losing would have crushed the confidence of the team and would have given a terrible start to the new management but this time I think Verona will try to exit the competition as quickly as possible. Especially since they are facing Napoli, a team that wins almost every game and scores many games. Verona drew their last game away to Milan, they know they still have a chance of avoiding relegation in this disastrous season but to do so they must avoid, at all costs, other injuries and bans, I think a lot of their top players will be spared the game if not even the trip. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Napoli’s “reserves” playing, we are talking about players that succesfully completed the Europa League with a 6-0-0 record while the manager rested, for most games, top players such as Higuain and Hamsik. Napoli care a lot about the Coppa Italia, they know they have a good chance of winning it and they know that come the end of the season it may be the only trophy left for them to win, if someone else wins Scudetto and Europa League. And on top of this, Napoli supporters hate Verona supporters with a passion (it’s reciprocal by the way), it’s a rivalry that goes back at least 30 years, the fans will cheer on Napoli to obtain a convincing win. I have been wanting to tip this match for a few days but I had to worry about the weekend games, the odds are dropping, I think they will drop more, get your bet in now.”