Sevilla FC vs Juventus Free Tip

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Coming up for UEFA Champions League, Sevilla FC vs Juventus. Claim your Free Tip HERE.

“Sevilla need a win to arrive third in the group and try to enter the Europa League where they are reigning champions. And even if they win they must Monchengladbach don’t win away against City, something not too likely but not impossible, if we look at the Citizens’ current form. Juventus on the other hand now that with a draw they will arrive first in the group, something that is of crucial importance asit would mean avoiding Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in the following round. Sevilla’s form has been hit and miss recently, Juventus on the other hand are looking amazing. I don’t see Juventus losing this game and the top spot, if anything I think they have everything to win in the difficult Sevilla Stadium. This is the pick i am most confident about for this round which is why I am allocating maximum stake.”