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Want a FREE TIP on a big game in Spain? It’s Real Balompédica Linense​ vs CD Linares​.
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“With the same coach, “Escobar Rafa” that since totaled four seasons ago, has not stopped fighting to get into play-offs, leaving 7th, 6th and 6th last year .
They always have good teams to be on top of the standings, making a strong play at home, just drop points in a field that is of artificial grass.
Escobar this year have not started anything, it is true that in terms of signings has not been the best this year, perhaps because there is so much money in Spain, to invest in 2B, even so, have signed well.
They have signed to defend Robert Chen, experienced in 1st Division and loan from Malaga, then have brought several players from the region of Andalusia in the 3rd Division, and have brought Espinar from Villanovense, these two players Chen and Espinar they are very good.
The fact that the team is well below signings years, and this has been noticed in the days that have played, have won only two games.
What I’ve been watching since the beginning of Linares league it is expected but is slowly starting to wake up and take the idea of what he wants Escobar.
Every day at home playing better and I am sure they will return to make a strong and not lose points.
The Linares on a computer that just went up to 3rd Division, as many teams in that category, keeps the group last year and reinforced with 2 or 3 players with experience as Vega Badalona, Adan de la Hoya Lorca or Francis Alcoyano .
The team feels very comfortable at home and beyond much lower quality, really is a team that defends very well, but it has potential in the front, in fact lead 6 draws this league.
But the best thing is to find the Linares for this match are the number of casualties that will Linares for this match, and I just saw the sanctions has published the RFE.
1 Matches Rosales Ramirez and Mendez Monroy
2 Parties to Payan Perez Vargas and the coach and assistant coach.
In addition to a fine and a month to Linares Your Doctor penalty.
With a team of 20 more players injured, the Linares it will be very difficult against a Balona he described the final match atentica.”