Novak Djokovic vs Tomas Berdych Free Tennis Tip

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Novak Djokovic​ vs Tomas Berdych​

Let’s start off on the right foot, with a FREE TIP. It`s about a tennis game. Novak Djokovic​ vs Tomas Berdych​.
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“Djokovic had big troubles with his serve today against Simon. He won only 54% of serve points, while he lost 5 serve games. He was lucky that Simon didnt took advantage of this as he also served very poor, but if he serve like this against Berdych I think he could be in big troubles. Berdych played very well today and beat Tsonga in 2 sets . He was much more confident in his serve games as he won 77% points on his serve. I think that Berdych could make big troubles to Djokovic here so +5 games on him looks like a nice option for me.”