Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos Preview

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With both teams off to a hot start in the early portions of the NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos are set to face off this weekend in a key clash. With both teams in the top five in scoring defense so far this year, which defense will prevail in what will surely be a battle between two teams that should be close throughout?

Different Offenses, Similar Results

Both the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos have different offensive styles, as they use stars at different positions to move the ball down the field. However, they’ve both seen similar results on that side of the ball so far this season even with those opposite styles.

The Broncos, of course, like to use Peyton Manning to pass the ball, as they are getting nearly 60 percent of their offense so far through their passing game. Denver’s rushing attack, though, has struggled so far this year, as it is averaging a subpar 57 yards per game.

Meanwhile, the Vikings like to run the ball frequently using star running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson is leading a Vikings team that is in the top five in the league in rushing yards per game to a staggering total of 144 per contest. This allows the Vikings not to rely too much on young quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who is then able to develop slowly rather than having to be the entire offense right away.

Both teams are scoring right around 20 to 25 points per game, and are both in the middle of the league in that category.

Dominant Defenses

On the defensive side of the ball, both the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings have shined through three games, with both teams allowing an average of less than 17 points per game, despite both sides taking on some formidable offenses in their early season matchups.

The lack of points allowed by both teams is a direct product of their ability to force turnovers. So far this campaign, the Broncos have forced ten turnovers to lead the league, while the Vikings have forced six of their own. This has given Minnesota and Denver the opportunity not only just to score, but to change field position and take further control of each of the games they have been involved in so far.

Denver Broncos’ Home Field Advantage

With this game being held in Denver, one would have to give the edge to the Broncos in this game. They were able to win their only home game on the season so far, a thrilling victory over the Baltimore Ravens, by stifling a normally potent Ravens offense throughout the game. Baltimore’s only touchdown in the game came off of an interception returned for a touchdown, and you would expect the Vikings to have similar offensive issues throughout the game.

However, with Adrian Peterson in the backfield, the Vikings have the ability to control the football and take time off of the clock while Peyton Manning is on the sideline, which gives them a chance to pull off an upset in this contest.

By: Jason M. Sanin