Rafa Nadal​ v Jo Wilfried Tsonga Free Tennis Tip

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Rafa Nadal​ v Jo Wilfried Tsonga

An ATP World Tour​ Shanghai bonus today folks. A Free Tip on Rafa Nadal​ v Jo Wilfried Tsonga​ right HERE from Suban Parnis Tennis.

“Tsonga is apparently the same kind as Wawrinka in regards of saving energy or at least mental energy in the first “easier” matches of tournaments. What a shame Kevin couldn´t pull through. Rafa knows exactly what Tsonga is all about, it´s the big forhand and closing the net down. These two have played together a dozen times, Rafa leading the H2H 9-3 including some heavy defeats for Tsonga. Rafa is obviously on fire right now after getting some really important wins under his belt. I can´t see Tsonga putting up as big a fight as Rafa and that will ultimately determine the winner. “