Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs Preview

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Denver Broncos Win With Defense Denver Broncos fans and observers have come to know one way for the Denver Broncos to win football games since they acquired Peyton Manning, and that way is to score more points than the opposition is capable of. However, in their week one win against the Baltimore Ravens, the Broncos won without a high powered offense, relying on their defense to get the job done instead. The Broncos ran one play within 20 yards of the Ravens’ end zone in week one, with all of their points coming from field goals and one interception return for a touchdown. For a team whose passing offense was its bread and butter for years, it was strange to see them win in this fashion. It is also troubling to see, as rumors of Peyton Manning’s demise have been swirling for a long time. With reports that his arm strength is fading, he will need to play well here to reassure everyone on his health.

Kansas City Chiefs Win With Offense

While Denver was winning with its defense, the Kansas City Chiefs were putting points up in bunches, something they failed to do for the bulk of last season. In their win over the Houston Texans, the Chiefs moved the ball at will in the first half, with quarterback Alex Smith hitting tight end Travis Kelce for two quick touchdowns from which Houston was never able to recover. And while that offensive explosion was a great start to the year for the Chiefs, they have struggled mightily against the Broncos in the seasons Manning has been a part of Denver’s squad. A big part of those problems have come from the offense, who haven’t been able to consistently move the ball against Denver’s defense, which looks even stronger this year. With that said, Kansas City hasn’t faced this frail looking a Denver offense in quite some time, which will certainly play a role in the game. Add to that the fact that the game will be in Kansas City, where the Chiefs’ fans have made Arrowhead Stadium one of the loudest venues in the history of all sports, and this could very well be Kansas City’s time to shine. For the first time in this rivalry game since Manning’s arrival, the Chiefs are a favorite, as they are favored by a field goal in this early season AFC West battle. What American football tipsters will make of that remains to be seen, but it’s clear that oddsmakers are confident in Kansas City compared to the Broncos at this early stage of the season.]]>