Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks Preview

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When NFL teams struggle early in the season, panic can set in rather quickly. When one of those teams has participated in each of the last two Super Bowls, that panic is amplified even further. For the Seattle Seahawks, this is happening to some extent after their 0-2 start. They will look to rebound against a Chicago Bears team that is going through a world of trouble in their own right, with American football betting experts having to navigate a massive betting line.

Seattle Seahawks Struggling, But Favored

For the Seattle Seahawks, it’s been a strange start to the season. In losing each of their first two games, the Seahawks have played two very good teams in the St. Louis Rams and Green Bay Packers, losing both games by a touchdown or less. Adding to the difficulty of those games was the fact that Seattle was on the road for both, making things inherently more difficult in the process.

Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks fans also had to cheer on their team without the presence of safety Kam Chancellor, who was holding out due to a contract dispute during both of those two games. Chancellor has since returned to the team and will surely help to improve an already above average defense in Seattle.

Due to the difficulty of their first two games and the fact that they got Chancellor back for this week, the Seahawks are favored by two touchdowns over the Chicago Bears this week, as many are anticipating a blowout victory by Seattle now that they are finally at home, against lesser competition, and at full strength from a personnel perspective.

Chicago Bears Just Struggling

When the Chicago Bears signed quarterback Jay Cutler to a very expensive contract, they expected more from him than what they’ve received. This week, however, they won’t receive anything from Cutler as he is out nursing an injury. That means that Jimmy Clausen will take his place, which means that Chicago’s quarterback play might be even worse than usual this week.

Clausen started at quarterback for a brief period of time for the Carolina Panthers, failing to make enough of an impact to stick around despite the team spending a high draft pick on him. Since then, he’s been a career backup, filling in when needed but still failing to do enough to impress a team to the point of earning a starting job. This week, he takes on one of the league’s best defenses in a stadium that plays host to one of the loudest crowds in all of sports.

Defensively, things aren’t any better for the Chicago Bears, who have allowed a combined 79 points through their first two games this season, including 48 to an Arizona Cardinals team that prides itself on winning with defense moreso than outscoring their opponents.

While both of these teams sit at 0-2 on the season, it’s clear that the Seahawks are the better side. Whether or not they can prove it by getting a win on Sunday remains to be seen, but they should handle their business at home comfortably.

By: Jason M. Sanin