BC Khimki Moscow​ v Fenerbahçe Free Basketball Tip

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BC Khimki Moscow v Fenerbahçe

Want a Free Tip on BC Khimki Moscow Region​ v Fenerbahçe Basketbol​ for Euroleague Basketball​ from tipster Laka Lovica? – Of course you do.

“Fenerbahce coach Obradovic is known as a type of coach that does not give too much care about these kind of games where you not have huge importance. He has history of giving rest to the main players in these kind of games. Fenerbahce secured first place and is going to Russia on exhibition game for them. In last round we have seen already that Obradovic gives his players smaller minutes. For example Vesely played 14 minutes against Zvezda (by far lowest number this season in EL) and it was game that they needed to win in order to secure first place. Dixon was another player with lowest minutes on the floor in this season against Zvezda. For example these two have scored 31 points in Istanbuk against Khimki. In that game Khimki was very close to win but they made one almost amateur turnover in last minute (5 second violation on inbound) and missed few free throws in crunch time. They ended the game with just 17/27 from the line. Khimki is solid team from the line (72 percent in EL and 77 in VTB) so this should not be the case again. But number of attempts was huge especially for away game. Russians are playing at home which usually means higher number of calls from the officials. We should see solid minutes for players on the bench like Yurteseven, Mahmutoglu and even Ugurlu (all three did not get any time on the floor in first meeting). I also expect Obradovic to give Hickman minutes in this kind of game. We cannot expect a lot from player that has had long pause like Hickman. I expect higher turnover ratio and smaller FG% than we are used to from him. I would not be suprised if Obradovic does not give Vesely or some other player any time on the floor. Khimki on other hand has motivation to secure second place in the group. They have been force at home this season with just one defeat in all competitions . It was against Bayern in worst perfomance of the season from them. Khimki has had huge wins in most of the other games; they have not covered this line in just two out eleven games at home. List of opponents contains Real Madrid (14 points difference) and Kuban(13 points difference); elite teams in Europe. In last weeks Shved has been playing in huge form and that is huge reason for good games from Khimki. They have had some problems with injuries of centers but they have „found“ their smallball lineups that have been very efficient. Khimki has played with at least 4 shooters on the floor and that has opened space for Shved and Dragic in getting to the rim. I expect worse defense from Fenerbahce than we are used because lack of intesity from starters and bigger minutes for reserves. Vesely was very important for Fenerbahce in that game against Khimki not just because of points but also offensive rebounds. The weakest part of Khimki game is securing defensive rebounds. They get only 65 percent of available defensive rebounds (second worst in EL). Big reason for that is that they use a lot of smaller lineups with three guards and Honeycutt or Monya on four. The biggest reason why coaches do not use so much small lineups is because they are afraid of opponents getting a lot of second chances. With less Vesely that danger is a lot smaller from Fenerbahce and that allows Khimki to play their most efficient lineups.”