ALBA BERLIN​ v Brose Baskets Free Basketball Tip

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ALBA BERLIN​ v Brose Baskets

ALBA BERLIN​ v Brose Baskets​ in today’s big Beko Basketball Bundesliga​ showdown.

“My Line is fav Brose with -3 50% 50% odds. Why? ALBA is playing just bad last 2-3weeks, second thing they have most important game (till this point) next week in Eurocup, so even in this big game, they will need rest some players and think more about next week. Because lost one time to Brose is better then do not get in next round in Eurocup. Brose also looks just great, Ok, they lost CSKA, Maccabi, but this games did not matter so much, they are in next round in EL and they can play much free on this game. They are just better team right now”