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Shovon Das Reviews

tipster Shovon Das

Shovon Das
by Customer

on November, 2 2017

I hired this guys.
I tested his service for 3 months (august-17 to november-17). Cause I can track his results in my page, it clearly shows losses in the the July 2017, while in his subscription page appears as positive. Very annoying!! It looks like someone is changing stats to make green (positive) results in his history.
Obviously, in my last month (October-2017) he lost the profits of the last 6 months and there is no way to change this stats...terrible tipster.
If you want to be hired again, I would recomend you to offer to your clients some months for free, otherwise I do not trust this guy and do not recomend at all. If you want to receive a positive review, just work better for it.
Show us that your stats are real and for free or this is a swindle! A fraud!

tipster Shovon Das

Shovon Das
by Customer

on October, 2 2017

the worst tipster I tested in my life.
This tipster must be leaked as you can see it is not for nothing that it to 2/6 star.
It is not for nothing that all people give him a bad rating.
109 / month normally same free I will not take this tipster.
Failure of 9 fault in a row, he lays down sports betting at no matter what time the odds are wrong the winnings are wrong.
I do not understand how a tipster like that can be paid for.
It takes the betadvisor platform.
All the positive months is impossible to follow.
I warned you this tipster and really bad.

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