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Alias Core’s latest news

Thanks for review


Hello all, I got review today and thanks for that. Only if you costumers will tell me what can more help you only then i will be able to make my service better for everyone. Today i published pick on Marathonbet and that was my last tip there. Since today i will publish tips only on SBOBET, Pinnacle, Bet365, Betsson and Betfair. Tips will be less than usual, but if its better for you all i can stick to that model. Hope you enjoy my service andif you have more questions feel free to ask or writw down review what you dont like in my service, will approciate if will be some good words ss well. Good Luck!

2018/2019 season end


Hello, I would like to say thank you all who were with me in this season, i think we had a pretty good one. All month ended on green (in profit) so i think result i get what i needed and wanted. See you all again in August when i will be back with ice hockey predictions. Best Regards, Alias Core

First six month in Betadvisor


Hello everyone. First of all i would like to say thanks for supporting me and following my tips. As we see first six month we got with profit in every month which is i think very great result. Things what i mentioned that starts of all month are red period and then come green, i will try to focus more that this wont happen any more. We all know that there will come red lines in there but main thing is that we are on green one at the end of run. There i will try to make all month on green light, it could be hard but if targets wont be big enough there wont be any reason to do it. May will be last month of my tips there, i will return on August. Cheers everyone and lets make these bookies cry together, Alias