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Betting 'Value' and betting on horses that are underrated by the market is a strategy often used by many professional gamblers and tipsters. However, identifying the 'correct' horses to 'back' is what separates many of us punters. Thankfully, as my profits demonstrate, I have acquired the skills over the years to identify such selections.

Plenty of my time goes into researching and watching horse racing, as well as collecting information on runners weeks and months in advance of their next runs. The term 'whisper' often proves to be just that, but over the years, I have been fortunate enough to build up a select and trusted few 'contacts' in the game, as well as connections to owners, breeders and stables, and as my history at BetAdvisor demonstrates, I'm more than happy to share 'information' with all of my clients.

As a client, you will have access to my daily selections in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the odd race aboard (such as the U.S.A). National Hunt and National Hunt flat races feature heavily, as well as racing on the all-weather. My betting strategy revolves around three simple 'staking brackets'.


Many years of experience at both working in the betting and horse racing industry, as well as a punter. I'm a former trader at two of the biggest online and high-street bookmakers in the United Kingdom, and have gone at it alone in the past few years (professionally punting), while moonlighting as a freelance sports and betting writer for various publications.

Ever since picking out a 25/1 winner in the Spring Mile at Doncaster, I have devoted my time to horse racing and betting. I draw upon my experiences of working alongside some of England and Ireland's top race readers, traders and students, as well as my own knowledge, staking plans and theories to make punting profitable.

Horse racing has been a special sport to me, and I'm very privileged to make a living out of it, and with the time I put into researching horses and collecting information, I hope to continue sharing my profitable successes with my clients.


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