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Aiden Monroe Reviews

tipster Aiden Monroe

Aiden Monroe
by Customer

on June, 30 2016

I have done well with Aiden over past few years but as others have said his performance over past year or so has been truly awful. After a desperate last six months I have now stopped my subs - his selections are uninspiring and the strike rate is miles off the pace. A very interesting point- he used to communicate brilliantly with his subscribers - now he doesnt even attempt to keep customers onside.

I cannot believe how a tremendous tipster can slump in this manner - I suspect that his main selections are going elsewhere and Bet Advisor is getting the third or fourth tier selections. Dont expect him to be here much longer - he will be off soon.

tipster Aiden Monroe

Aiden Monroe
by Customer

on June, 29 2016

Always select best odds from every bookies so you cant get his odds like 70% of times. He told us that he went to send picks at same time everyday, and sometimes doesnt even send "No tips for today". Other times, he send "Tip in 10 mins" and you can be waiting like 30mins to receive the picks...
Not professional.

He is probably tilt. Sending like the last 50 picks with shame results (variance could explain this if wouldnt be because all the favorites he select end the race at last position...) I think he doesnt study the races enough.

Busted 3000 points in 2 months. Nice work. Now you should not be paid for subscribers.

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