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Brazil, Germany, Italy

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Asian handicap, Match odds


My strategy is to thoroughly study games based on objective statistical criteria. This analysis allowed me to build an extensive database, where I identified trends and series with long-term positive results, which I named of "my systems". This method has the advantage, over traditional methods of subjective study and analysis of games, that the inevitable negative series can only be caused by the normal variation in standard deviation. Thus, tipster's personal issues outside the game will never affect his performance, which increases its reliability. In order to find a relevant number of tips, I review games from around the world. I can't limit myself to the big leagues, so it is normal to give tips on lesser known leagues. However, I always use Pinnacle to try to avoid the low liquidity of these markets.


I have always enjoyed sports and was curious about the betting world. I started betting small values early, in a recreational way. Around 2007, I started betting bigger values. As I could never get good results with my own tips, I searched for professionals on the internet and started following them. In 2010 I found BetAdvisor and never dropped it. Things went well for a while. However, due to reckless banking management and poor choice of tipsters, by 2015 I was virtually bankrupt .... I was close to giving up, but decided to give my passion one last chance. Using my experience and my other passion, math and statistics, I started over from scratch. Gradually I was accumulating data and creating a new way to generate tips, based only on objective data, free of variations due to the "human condition". At the same time, I was developing a new, safer banking management in my image, to avoid repeating old mistakes. Over the years, adjustments were made and results began to appear. Beginning to share the success of this work of mine was the obvious next step. After a common past, BetAdvisor was the logical partner to do so. I hope my successes can be yours too! Good winnings!


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