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Lucas Rose’s latest news

February 2019 - review


NUMBER OF TIPS: 26 AVERAGE ODDS: 2.19 HIT RATE: 57,69% (including void tips) PROFIT: +725 UNITS

9 from 10 months on PROFIT!


Hello everybody, I write now, at the begining of February 2019, a year that I know that will be a very good one for those who will follow me! I've made some mistakes in the past (October 2018) that will never repeat! I've disciplined now, I post only my value picks, and even that are month with bad luck (like January 2019), with money management and discipline I'm sure that we will have PROFIT every month on this year! Good luck! With respect, Lucas Rose!



Hello everybody, With this message I want to clearify some things from this beginning of month and for picks from yesterday! I don't want to excuse, but who is an investor know that every tipster have bad periods, and unfortunatlly, my bad period it seems that it is 01.10.2018 - 11.10.2018! Yesterday was a day when I've posted 10 picks, but if you look in my statistics I've post 5-10 picks in some days in the past! So, with those 10 picks from yesterday I didn't wanted only to recover this bad start of month, because I assure you that every pick in well analyzed, around 2-3 hours/day I do just this thing before I post picks, but SIMPLY I JUST HAVED VERY VERY BAD LUCK! I'm sorry for the lost from yesterday (especially for those 2 clients who gaved me negative review!), but if we look at every pick from yesterday we can say some conclusion: 1. Iceland - Northern Ireland (U21) - Pick: Iceland AH-1.00 => LOST (score = 0-1, goal in minute 90 (shots on goal 4-2). Before this Iceland haved big chances to qualify, they haved 11 points and N.Ireland 14 points); 2. Turkey - Bosnia - Pick: Both teams to score - NO => WIN (score = 0-0); 3. Lithuania - Romania - Pick: Lithuania - draw no bet => LOST (score = 1-2 - PICK LOST IN MINUTE 94!!! - nothing else to say!!!); 4. Poland - Portugal - Pick: Both teams to score - NO => LOST (score =2-3 - unspired pick, but before this match you can see at statistics that both teams haved a lot of matches in which they didn't received a goal!); 5. Israel - Scotland - Pick: over 2.0 goals => WIN (score =2-1); 6. Montenegro - Serbia - Pick: Montenegro AH0.0 => LOST (score = 0-2 - but before this match Montenegro haved 0 lost!); 7. Faroe Islands - Azerbaidjan - Pick: over 2.0 goals => WIN (score = 0-3); 8. Kosovo - Malta - Pick: Malta AH+1.75 => LOST 1/2 (score = 3-1 - at one moment in second half was 1-1, but Malta received a red card and they have received goal 3!); 9. England - Andorra - Pick: Under 4.25 goals => LOST (score = 7-0 - before this match England scored maximum 3 goals in matches from this year!); 10. Russia - Sweden - Pick: Russia AH-1.0 => LOST (score = 0-0 - before this match, Russia have won 2-1 at Turkey in Nation League, and have won last 2 home matches against Sweden!). LOST in 11.10.2018 = - 351 UNITS! Now I have -927 units on this month, but I assure you that I analyze every pick, but goals from minute 94, or a red card or anything else change everything at a match, and without a little bit of LUCK, on short term it happens to have bad results, but I will do all my best to have at least +100 units PROFIT this month too! With respect, Lucas Rose.