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Lucas Rose Reviews

tipster Lucas Rose

Lucas Rose
by Customer

on October, 15 2018

Hi Lucas,
I have read your post.
I agree with negative feedback you have received recently.
Please, rethink your strategy. It happens and it is normal that you had a few tips lost in a row at the beginning of the month. But instead of going on and continuing with what you normally do and what was giving you nice results you started to chase the profit. You publish the tips with odds 4-5, which is not your style. You hope one will win and you will be back in green. You concentrate on positive handicaps. Playing +2 for underdogs like Sudan or unders for England vs Andora, come on! You hope teams like Sudan or Andora can be successful? I agree red cards are unpredictable, ok. You cannot say it is bad luck that the goal was scored in 95 min. Additional time is normal time of the game. Last 5 min is the same game time as the first 5 or any other period of the game. I asked you already before: please, see your results on playing unders. It won recently Germany vs Netherlands. But when you analyse statistics you have like 20%-30% success ratio with these types of pics. Poland vs Portugal – it was typical game for playing o2.5 or o1 first half or both teams to score. Any you put both to score – no? I will continue with you. I hope you will reanalyse your way of betting.

tipster Lucas Rose

Lucas Rose
by Customer

on October, 12 2018

I have no words to describe what happened yesterday with this tipster. Unfortunately I subscribed, thinking that it was good, but instead turned out to be the usual tipster fake. After 4 lost in a row (which happen to everyone), to try to recover the month and then look good in the eyes of people looking for good tipster has sent 10 tips with predictions clearly random data without any study, with high odds (some odds if he invented it) and with 50% of the bankroll in !!!!!!! Hoping that many read this review and no one subscribes to this tipster that is likely to do damage to less experienced bettors. DONT SUSCRIBE THIS TIPSTER PLEASE, ITS A GAMBLER.

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