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Henry Mills Reviews

tipster Henry Mills

Henry Mills
by Customer

on September, 28 2017

I lost half my bankroll I hope you will catch up, I lost 7k by following your predictions.
I will trust you this month I hope you will not disappoint me because I have little to continue with you.
I'm a little angry, I feel you analyzed not the match and you do not think the customer who are putting real money this is not laughing.
This month and disastrous a lot of customer will depart from your service if no improvement of the juniors tispter do better.

tipster Henry Mills

Henry Mills
by Customer

on September, 22 2017

First of all I want to say I respect Henry, he is a good tipster, big market, honest about the odds, picks from main asian bookies. Performances not great but that is variance and bad luck, by keeping cool mind things will turn soon as making such tiny green is like making no profit, but I'm hopeful with him.
Now the problem, it is that he has to respect all his costumers, he is not picking for himself, there are people like me who follow from far east asia, how can I bet your pick at 4 am?
Please be stable about it, you choose your pick in the morning and give us in the afternoon, all together, as many professional service do.
Well second thing I should not talk too much about it as it is not my right, I have to leave it to the tipster mind hower let me mention it, I totally dislike when he picks under, we won last few with incredible huge luck but not as it obvious luck is taking our money back, please stick to strong info and motivations instead of pure statistics. But well that's your job, I know that.
I'm a straight forward person but I'd like to stress the fact I do believe you can make solid, easy to follow profit. Thank you.

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