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Henry Mills Reviews

tipster Henry Mills

Henry Mills
by Customer

on February, 26 2018

Mills you have been asked and begged to tip very little, why chasing like mad 2 days before the month finish. We must choose for renewal but wish to know you REAL intentions. How many tips per month will u be sending in march? 10-15 if so we can renew. Please make extremely clear ur intentions, we are betting huge money on 1.60 lost tips and now chasing for a green month. Why? Reply to us after what we are going through.

tipster Henry Mills

Henry Mills
by Customer

on February, 1 2018

5 months ago I made a long term subscription to Herny. I decided to a professional punter and follow him not matter the variance at 300 euro stake. I kept strong and believed that if professional I would enjoy a good profit at the end.
Considering the price of subscription and his results I think there is not need to say how broke I am.
I am adding more to my account and try this very last month, a last chance and opportunity for him and me.
After all the stress, the pain, the 1.50 odds and the very poor unders I really feel not to be rude to ask and expect a very easy month.
10-12 tips, 6 hours in adavnce, green month. Usually up n down are normal but at this lowest point only a very professional performance in the next month can make worth extending this subscription for 2018.

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