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European cups, USA, Bolivia

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Asian handicap, Over / Under, Both team to score


I base my picks on two main areas, watching and following teams and statistical analysis. There is so much data available nowadays, so it is important to take it into consideration, however you still need to watch the games and see how teams plays. I do not believe that solely creating an algorithm can be sufficient to become profitable, so I do spent a lot of days watching teams play from all around the world. I mostly bet on Asian handicap, but also bet on over/under and both team to score. I bet mostly on underdogs, so my picks can look a lot of times unpopular, but they are based on a lot of work and historically have shown to deliver value. Therefore, I will have to ask you guys to trust me on them and you will see that betting on underdogs can be very successful. The vast majority of my picks will be from bigger leagues, outside of England I do not really follow the 3rd or 4th divisions of leagues. So my picks should have good level of liquidity for you guys to bet. I also will post just the odds from big betting houses, however it is always good to check what are the current best odds from oddsportal and bet on that site. Thanks for showing the trust in me and best of luck on our journey!


I have been betting for over 15 years and gained a lot of experience through trial and error, until I came up to a strategy that works consistently. Now I take betting as my full-time job, where I invest time into following teams and watching games, in combination with the statistical analysis software I have developed over the years. While there will always be swings in performance, some bad here and there, but this strategy, can give me an edge over the bookies long-term. Throughout the years I have also gained plenty of experience of controlling the bankroll and avoiding foolish decisions in order to chase losses and I believe that is the most important thing in sportsbetting – having patience.


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