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International, Scotland, European cups

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Draw no bet, Asian handicap, Match odds


I focus on the English football leagues and non-league as well as the Scottish leagues. I tend to move away from the bet ‘to win’ mainly because it involves 3 outcomes, and taking out one of those results makes it a lot less complex. I play a lot on the draw no bet and also Asian handicap markets, although I do give out ‘to win’ bets as well when I feel the time is right. A lot of people talk about the "value bet", but to be honest I would prefer to have a winning short price selection then a losing "value" selection, as a value bet to me is one that wins, not one that shortens in price, for instance. I price up a match before knowing the odds available and if I see a good selection at the right odds I look further into it, gather all the facts (such as team news, what they are playing for, past and present form) and make my selections based upon the information I can gather. I do tend to look away from past results between teams as I notice football is changing so much, going back too many years is not really relevant.


I've been on the betting scene for quite a while, around 25 years now. It started as a bit of a buzz but to be honest I became an addict to gambling and would bet on anything, which is not the best way to go about it. I learned from this and also learned that when I did get a winner I did not get the same buzz, so I had to turn myself upside down and inside out. When I learned about patience I found out a lot about how saving my money for the correct selection would help me make money. When all the pieces came together I realised if you put in a bit of hard work and do some research it can all come together. Plus I now get a buzz again when a selection wins. There is a massive difference between a gambler and a professional punter (semi pro). I have also learned that you don't have to be like a bookmaker and price up every game in every market, as we as punters can play the markets that suit us best. I've gone from the bad to the good and I know which one gives me more satisfaction. I also keep learning along the way and would like to share my selections which I back myself.


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