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Allow me to say some things regarding the games i propose to you and more the time that i do that. In my Opinion there's not thing such a ' Perfect Tipster' so each one of us apart his life and time to spent here ,has his own ideas and his own elements and Philosophy to stand by . I do know that i have had more than a few tips given late in the night which some of you couldn't have seen or played. In a few Words i shall say only this. I do keep my self awake in order to read more through the lines and see the value on the bets i am proposing to you. Due to this ..sometimes i get really late but since i do not want you to spend your money without cause ,that is why i do offer you more than 8 ! Games x day . Some might say i am reluctant and greedy ,but i am just doing this out of respect for your money,so the ones you can't bet either because you are sleeping or either because they start early in the morning ,you still have at least 4 to 5 left per day to just bet. Staying awake and giving tips late ,is not for my convenience but for yours ,,since i do not get paid that kind of money that would allow me to be in Vacations ! Thank you all for being here and please let me know ,whatever are your thoughts . Antonio

Leaving Behind January ,Embrassing February


Hello , to each and everyone, as i bid you a Good Month,for what are you personal desires,as also to the profit we together shall demand and conquer. I ,first would like to thank you for being part of our team -of my team,with the one and only destination , to' beat the house' ,as the House eventually and at then end of every month shall not prevail. Pesronally , i don't like always to brood alone, when it comes,in betting,so do not hesitate to message me and have your questions or worries asked. Failure, becomes a lesson and a lesson becomes a strategy ,for us to be the ones who will profit at the end of every month. Consistent staking - Money management..Stamina and knowing your niche.. To use someone's wise words , It's not just about "getting ahead"—it's about getting ahead in your unique niche. Thank you for being part of our Demesne A-