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Sport is a very important part of my life. Basketball is my favorite sport. From betting point of view I always prefer basketball because I understand all the nuances of this game from very younger days. Since 2013, I am serving as a Tipster. Earlier, I used to work for a local newspaper as a sports journalist. I had to cover the NBA Weekly. There, I had to publish a NBA team or star's profile every week where their pros & cons were to be discussed in depth. For which I had to understand the game of all the players in general, so that my articles could be analyzed in a classy way. From there, I got a chance to emerge as a serious sports expert. Today I am a well- established sports analyst (tipster) on several most recognized Tipster platforms. Of course I am extremely successful and happy in this role.


My betting selections are highly based on the deep analysis of events. That’s why I am consistently able to beat high odds in basketball. While making any prediction, I love to aware from all the team news update like form, injuries, game importance for both teams, past statistics, etc. Mostly I like to make selections on winnable odds between 1.80-3.50. I prefer quality and consistency over quantity. In my statistics you will see lot many winning streaks on good odds. Because there is much effort behind every pick. Yes, I only prefer to make preview of those events where I pick huge odds so that my subscribers can easily understand the reason and confidence behind that high odd pick. Most favorite basketball betting areas are Point spread, Total Points, match result. As a Subscriber you need to show discipline and patience to keep betting on my tips, I am sure if you do that you will always finish your month in huge profit with decent ROI. My service is highly responsible and dedicated to my subscribers where I try all the possible strategy to keep them in profit. I am sure betting will emerge as a investment rather than a gamble. All the best.


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