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Marco Luria NFL's service description



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Asian Handicap including OT, Handicap, Two Way including OT


My betting strategy works as follows. First of all take all the information about the match that you're considering; injuries, absences, weather conditions etc. You've seen both teams play in the weeks leading up to the game so evaluate the objective factors that have weaknesses and strengths. I believe that only by analyzing all the elements can you evaluate and decide if you have an advantage against the bookie when betting on this event. Last but not least, an event that you bet on should never be in a percentage that I value being in the 30/40% - the shares in which you bet must always be in a range of between 1.6 and a maximum of 2.7. But it’s not enough to just analyze and bet, the most difficult thing is to choose among all the proposed events and especially keep an eye on the money. Unless you plan to bet exactly how you would think of a job, you do not even have a minimal chance of winning. If, however, you think of betting just like a job, you have a good chance of getting to the end of the year with a solid percentage of income.


Being a fan of numbers, I understand that if you bet on a triple with three events (1x2) there is only a 1/27 chance of winning. This made me think that I wanted to be on the side of those who have a 26/27 chance and let all the rest of the world only have one chance to win. This prompted me to start working on Betfair, operating only on Live, and therefore there being no right values for multiple bets to lay. I never got great results but rather I just created a lot of problems in my wallet. Until, that was, my current partner prompted me to realize my greatest ability and that is to analyze and evaluate sporting events, purely American, as living here I find everything is much simpler. Until today I have predicted individual events and my partner, if convinced by my analysis, bets for me, individually managing the money. After a while we recognized a small but statistically interesting and good financial result.


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12 AM
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24 1 0 2 2 7 6 42
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1 0 0 0 2 6 16 25
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11 AM
0 0 2 6 8 1 11 28
12 PM
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4 4 2 4 7 9 22 52
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8 1 2 11 11 10 44 87
06 PM
08 PM
7 10 7 12 17 24 47 124
09 PM
11 PM
16 5 10 9 7 22 16 85
TOTAL 60 21 24 44 56 79 168 452