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Prediction and Betting Tip : Split vs Cibona

Split <span>vs</span> Cibona

Split vs

ABA League

31/10/2021 19:00

Published on 31/Oct/2021 17:48


  • BET ON: Under +153.50

  • Best Tipster Odd: 1.85 William Hill


  • STAKE: 5 % bankroll (100 Units)

  • No Bet Under: 1.80



  • MATCH RESULT: 77-76 (19-25, 24-13, 20-16, 14-22)

  • PROFIT: +85 Units

Odds Comparison

2022-08-10 00:52:34

No odds available at the moment

Game Preview

It has been over 2 years since the last win of Cibona against Split. Split has been running the streak of 9 consecutive wins agains arch rivals. These has been the longest winning series of Split in their long and famous history; even at the start of 90s Split did not had such series. Most of those wins came last season but now situation is completely different. Split lost many key players during the summer mostly due the financial crisis. Roster is now a lot younger, less experienced, less talented fill with players with some serious problems. For example Mclean is above average athlete for Aba league level that can guard almost every SF in the leageu and cause them a lot of troubles but in offense only way for him to score is in open transition. His lack of technique, basketball IQ and ball handling limits him in any creation or 1 on 1 game. Whenever he faces man in the paint he struggles a lot to finish around rim. He is streaky shooter with very questionable mechanics. He has been at 34 percent behind the point line. McLean has been the biggest addition this summer. That says a lot. They are left with Bajo, Zganec, Vuko and Kedzo on 4-5 position with injury of Jones. Huge problem is rebounding. In last game against Zabok at home (teams made of mostlysemi profesionals) their frontcourt 4 players collected 6 rebounds! All 4 are undersized PF and that will be huge problem against talented center duo of Prkacin- Reuvers. Split averages only 20 defensive rebounds per game (second worst) . Reuvers biggest quality in scouting report coming to Europe was offensive rebounding. He has collected 13 offensive rebounds in last 4 games. Subotic has constructed defense around athletes on 1-3 position and "centers" playing in the zone. Playing zone against Prkacin, Vrankovic and Reuters can protect you from points in the paint but they will destroy on offensive glass. Reuters and Prkacin have also proven that they can punish you from outside if you leave them open from game to game. Relying on Ukic, Campara and Perkovic on creation from outside has been disaster so far. Split has scored over 70 points just once in game that went in double overtime. Campara is not natural PG and has huge troubles ballhandling and also makes a lot bad passes. Ukic has taken 20 FG3 attempts in 2 games and made only 3. He is career 33-35 percent shooter for open threes and now in all days with lost athleticism he started to jack 3s from dribble and contested. Result has been the worst percentage in the league for player with over 10 attempts. Subotic has found 2 defensive lineups: Bajo-VUko-McLean-Ukic-Baric and Zganec-Perasovic-Runjic-Perkovic-Campara. Combination of speed, athleticism and experience (Ukic was best defender in Europe for few years; he had one of the biggest contracts in Europe just based on his 1 on 1 qualities against elite guards like Spanoulis, DeColo...). Biggest strenght of both these lineups is slowing down opponent's ball movements , doubling down and forcing turnovers. That will cause Cibona a lot of troubles in organization of offense with Gnjidic (their best 1-2 player) out. We will see slow offenses from both side with long possesion. I would not be suprised if Cibona has some possesions of even 40 seconds. First game in A1 league ended with just 135 points. Split had Jones for that game. See this one as low scoring "ugly" contest. For Balkan bettors; Vildoza over 9.5 points with Gnjidic out.