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Sample tip received by email

  • Details of the tip:
  • Tipster : Geert Van Elsen

  • EVENT :SOCHAUX FC vs VALENCIENNES FC, Football, France, Ligue 1

  • DATE : 6th December 2022 at 20:00

  • Time Left : 1h36'

  • Type Of Bet : Match odds


  • Best odds : 2.06 (5Dimes)

  • Stake : 5 % bankroll (100 units)

Sample pick received by notification

Details for each field :

  • Tipster :

    the tipster who has made the selection

  • EVENT:

    the name of the selected match/race and the name of the competition or country

  • DATE:

    date of the event in your local time zone (see time zone customisation in the righthand column on the main page)

  • Time Left:

    time between the tipster's deposit time and the start date of the event

  • Type Of Bet:

    betting market (see below a list of all available types of bets for each sport)

  • BET ON:

    the selection (ex: CHELSEA +0.25, OVER +2.5)

  • Best Odds:

    best odds at the time the tip was posted, for the suggested bookmaker

  • Betfair SP:

    The Betfair Starting Price is determined at the start of an event by balancing bets from bettors who want to back and lay. More details...

  • No Bet Under:

    the tipster thinks that his bet has no value under these odds. This information is useful if you are too late to take the bet and the odds have dropped. You should not bet if the odds on your bookie is lower than this.

  • Stake:

    the percentage of your bankroll you have to bet on this selection


    the percentage of your bankroll that you can lose on this bet (optional, only for lay bet types)

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