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Who are they?

Licenced in Curacao and Malta, Pinnacle (formerly Pinnacle Sports) is simply the ‘go-to’ bookmaker for the best lines (odds) in the business. Its strategy of taking a huge number of bets with reduced margins ensures the odds offered are more reminiscent of betting exchanges than traditional bookmakers, just without the commission of course. They were also name-checked in an episode of The Sopranos, didn’t you know?!

Why should I bet with this bookmaker?

There are two very important reasons why, for professional bettors in particular, Pinnacle is the most attractive sportsbook on the market. The first is the fact that the odds offered are often the best in the business. The second is that Pinnacle is also the undisputed king when it comes to high limits. The best lines with the highest limits is an incredibly attractive combination for many bettors, and ensures Pinnacle remains the bookmaker of choice for serious punters.

Why shouldn’t I bet with this bookmaker?

The first thing to say is that the Pinnacle sportsbook does not offer horse racing. Another potential drawback, no matter how minor, is that it is only possible to contact Pinnacle via email. Experience reveals responses to email to be swift and efficient, but some customers may look for a more personal or instant touch via phone or chat functions. On the plus side, they offer customer support in a number of different languages. No games or poker either, but if you want to bet on sports, no problem!

Current Sign-up bonus

There is no doubt that it is the competitive nature of Pinnacle’s odds and highest limits in the business which are the catalysts behind the book’s somewhat reticent approach to offering bonuses and involving themselves in heavy marketing. Pinnacle essentially lets its odds and limits do the talking, and on the most part this strategy seems to work. This may, of course, be a turn off to new, casual players.

Other noteworthy specials


Sports and market available

Pinnacle do not have the widest number of sports available (as previously mentioned, horse racing is a noticeable omission), and it tends not to offer a lot of the specialist markets that, Bet365 say, would provide. But without labouring the point, for making straightforward bets on the most popular sports, you can very often find the best odds with Pinnacle, and that is enough for many punters.


Special features

An innovation of Pinnacle is it offers a host of article resources educating punters on how to bet. And for high-frequency and arbitrage punters, they also offer a ‘Beta view’ layout which enhances the ease of odds, league and market comparison, as well as the speed of placing a bet.

Support Functions

As previously mentioned, email is the only option available, but replies are swift and the approach nothing but professional.

Payment Options

Most of the major means of deposit and withdrawal are offered, so there shouldn’t be any issues.


It’s difficult to give a score to Pinnacle that would apply for all bettors. For high-rollers, high-frequency punters and arbitrage chasers, they are an essential option, so a 10/10 wouldn’t be overstating it, but for your average weekend-to-weekend bettor, there could be more attractive bookmakers on the market who offer bonuses and additional markets, so a 7/10 would be fair.

10/10 – Pros/high-frequency bettors

7/10 – Regular, casual punters