My Journey – Dino Perez

My journey from novice to professional who makes money with sports betting was difficult and at the beginning unsuccessful.

My sport is football, it is among the most difficult sports to predict. In football there are a large number of variables that affect the final outcome: players form, the weather conditions, injuries of players, the private life of players, referee, motivation, quality of coaches, political and economic conditions around the club, the corruption, the fans, good luck.

In the beginning when I was at the amateur level, a large number of these variables were not taken into account by me, the bookies had better information than me and I had no chance of making money long term. I bet on a large number of leagues, it wasn’t possible to me to monitor each and every league and club, the number of variables or indicators that helped me to decide was too small and they led me to the wrong conclusion. On one occasion I had a couple of winning bets and made a clean profit of around 1400 euros, the next day was the Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool. With that match I played 3 more matches, so I combined the four selections into a single bet. Luckily for me, I hit all three matches, the last was the finale. I’m a big fan of AC Milan and I was confident that we would see a tough match which will be decided by one goal, I believed in “my team” and I was convinced that Liverpool will fail to score a goal, I played under 2.5 goals. The first goal was scored by Inzaghi in the 45th minute. In the 81st minute I was happy about winning and I thought that this match is a done deal. Then after 82 minutes  Inzaghi scored again for  2-0, all my hopes  were destroyed by Kuyt in the 89th minute. when he made the score 2-1.

I lost a nice amount of money but I also learned some things. Of course there were plenty of such faults that have caused me financial loss because I did not know the things that I know today. Since then I don’t combine more than 2 games, I do not play the “big” matches in which teams give their best and are hard to predict, I do not cheer for any team that I bet on and I’m always objective when analyzing of matches. When you often make mistakes,  you realize certain things and if you are smart enough you start to change them and turn in your favor.  You realize that in the short term everyone can reap huge profits but also big losses, long-term strategies are the ones that make money.  When I realized that, I was ready to convert amateur betting into an investment that will provide me with a profit.

Of course, your understanding that betting can bring you a profit does not mean that it will, a lot of high-quality information resources, effort, following  matches, analyzing the players and coaches are required to turn something that amused you into a job that will make long-term money. It is very important to believe in yourself and your sources of information, I had a lot of problems with this, there were days when I was losing money, and I forgot that a smart long-term investments will cover these losses, the same day I was trying to pay back the money, and I bet on  matches matches on which I normally wouldn’t, I made irrational decisions which brought me in even greater losses, but all of these errors have enabled me today to not repeat similar decisions and to approach the problems in a different way.

Own mistake directed me to the need of changing tactics, I realized that I need to create a long-term sustainable tactic that I can improve, I also narrowed down the area of betting to several leagues. By creating my own tactic of which I will never give up, even when it is not cost-effective short-term, I now have a framework within which I can work and that is customed to me. Concentrating on a smaller number of leagues allowed me easier monitoring and better information that fit within my tactics. And with good tactics and a larger amount of information I raised my percentage of winning games but it still was not enough, tactics, information, motivation and desire are not enough, experience is also necessary, that’s what makes the difference between an amateur and a professional.

With experience, emotions should be left aside, emotions in betting are a big mistake. Objectivity, reliable information, good tactic, and the experience I have gained along the way made me able to achieve long-term profits, which I recognized, and decided to raise the bar and show it to on Tipster Academy before moving on to BetAdvisor.  Poor short-term results are inevitable, it is important to follow your own plan and do not give up, each series of results, both good or bad one has an end, quality professionals are those who overcome bad runs as soon as possible.

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