Kristian Nordquist – Handball Tipster

We’ve been looking for a suitable handball tipster to join our site for a while.  After doing all of our normal checks and making sure there were no proofing problems we have promoted Kristian Nordquist to the site and he now starts his one month probation period on the site.

Just as we did with Boyan Chernykh, Kristian will now be available for subscription at the price of €49 for 5 days only.  After that we will close his account to new subscribers and he will go on to complete his one month of trial.

Handball may be a new sport for you, just as it is for us and we are aware that there may be liquidity issues further down the line so we will monitor that as time goes on.  Kristian does seem to be doing his best to combat that issue by making his selections in the most popular handball leagues where the most liquidity should be found.

We’ve been impressed by Kristians consistency and his abaility to make money in whatever bet type he has chosen (Over/Under, Asian Handicap or Match Odds).  His analysis gives you the important information and he has staed away from providing a set-text analysis.  Kristian is not English and so there may be the occasional spelling or grammatical error in his analysis, we’re sure you can forgive him that if he’s making you money!

We’d like to formally welcome Kristian Nordquist to the site and we look forward to hearing any feedback you may have on this, or any other, tipster.

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