July Review

Well, that was quite a month.  A number of BetAdvisor tipsters had very strong results and the returns they have provided their clients have been very, very good.

Out of 32 tipsters, 24 finished in profit and 4 finished with a profit higher than 1000 units.  We didn’t quite manage to break the 10,000 units in a month barrier but at 9,108.1 units of profit, we’re not complaining.

So, the numbers.  Our tipsters placed a total of 901 tips at an average odds of 3.76. 371 of those bets were winners which is a pretty good number at those odds. Over 9,000 units of profit were made and a yield of 15.13% was attained.

We saw some excpetional performances, not least from Aiden Monroe who was our biggest earner in July, walking away with nearly two and a half thousand units of profit and a yield of 85.55% from his 54 tips.  We’ve been saying that Aiden was due a big turnaround and that just goes to show that he really does know exactly what he’s doing.

Another horse racing tipster (James Tucker) picked up 1,710 units of profit and was the months second biggest winner.  To be fair, all of our horse racing tipsters finished the month in profit.  Clearly this is a good time to be betting on the horses.

Football and Tennis tipsters also seemed to enjoy the month of July with the tipsters in those sports doing extremely well in low odds markets (in comparison to horse racing).  Christopher Silenos deserves special praise as he won the most of any non-horse racing tipster at 657 units.

Gabriel Vannier and Paul Bradbury duked it out to see who would be top dog in the tennis section and Gabriel won by just 16.1 units.

It was a fantastic month but with strong returns already in early August, we could see a month to match (or whisper it carefully, even beat) the feats achieved by the BetAdvisor tipsters in July.

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