Football Tipster – Iker Leon

Just as we did with Kristian Nordquist I thought it would be a good idea to let you in on the reasons we decided to promote Iker Leon from Tipster Academy to BetAdvisor.  Hopefully this article (and others like it) will give you an idea of what it is we’re looking for from the tipsters that are promoted to the site.  It’s not always about pure profit, it’s also about the little things that a tipster can do to set themselves apart from the rest.

One of the first things you may notice about Iker Leon is that his yield isn’t as high as some of the tipsters we’ve promoted in the past.  He’s currently sitting on a yield around 13% and we’re expecting him to stay around that level.  Promoting tipsters with high yields can sometimes hide flaws that come up later on, Iker has been on trial since November 2013 and during his trial period he has shown us that he can cope with the ups and the downs that any professional tipster is going to have to deal with.  Not every month of his trial was a success, in fact March was pretty disastrous but Iker recovered all of his losses within a month and even went on to make more money.  Sometimes we can learn more from a losing run than we can from a period of smooth sailing.

It didn’t take long to proof Ikers selections, only one of his tips had not been entered via the Live Odds system provided on Tipster Academy, that one tip checked out though and we could promote him without any concerns over his honesty.  Iker posted his first tip online on the 7/05/2014 and if I hadn’t been rushing off to get married a few days later I would have written this review then.  As it is Iker is now over a week into his probation period and his service is now unavailable for subscription until that period is completed.  There have only been 5 tips posted since Iker joined the ranks of BetAdvisor tipsters but the early signs are encouraging.  He has picked up 180 units of profit so far and had a 40% win-rate which may seem low but is actually very good when you look at Ikers average odds (around 3.1).

Working at longer odds does mean that Iker will hit another losing run at some point, there will be months where we see a loss instead of a profit but so far we have been encouraged by what we’ve seen.  There is a long way to go before we can call Iker Leon an established BetAdvisor tipster but if he can continue to provide the kind of work we’ve seen from him in the past he stands a very good chance of being a solid, long-term, option for our clients.

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