BetAdvisor Update 07/03/2014

We had 14 active BetAdvisor tipsters yesterday and half of them finished the day in profit.  Fortunately those 7 tipsters won enough money between them to give us an overall profit of 590.6 units (don’t worry, we will let you know about the losing days as well).

Two tipsters shone in particular yesterday, one of our latest horse racing tipsters John Sills had an excellent day with two each way selections coming in and bringing his clients a strong profit, he had the biggest individual win with Who Let De Dogsout coming in at 11/1, bringing him a profit pf 330 units on it’s own.

The biggest winner on the day was Oscar West who picked up 451.8 units yesterday, putting him into profit for the month.  Oscar has had a rough run and we’re continuing to monitor his results closely but days like yesterday can only boost his confidence and we hope to see more of them in the future.

Matt Walker had the roughest day yesterday with both of his selections losing him money.  I think we can forgive him that though as he’s made a lot of money recently and his profit for the month so far is only just under the break even point.

We’ve got two telephone conversations set up for later today, one with Mike McClain and one with Joao Gomez, these are just regular chats that we like to have with our tipsters but I’ll update you all on anything relevant when we return with our next update on Monday.

Until then, have a great weekend and feel free to send us any questions you have at

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