BetAdvisor Weekly Update

Despite a rough couple of days we’ve managed to stay in profit over the last 7 days.  A big push yesterday saw a number of our tipsters come in with some decent wins.  Half of the 24 tipsters that have been active over the last week have been profitable and we’ve got a number of them to talk about today.

The biggest winner of the last 7 days has been Gabriel Vannier.  He’s picked up 511 units which moves him up to 422 units of profit for the month so far..  He’s been pretty busy over this period as well with 14 bets.

With 320.62 units from his 5 bets, Alfie Hazel has also had a good week.  He also has moved from a negative return into a position of “real” profit over the last week and I’m sure his clients have appreciated it.

With 197.2 units over the last week, Simeone Tassini is having a very good June.  He’s now earnt 734.2 units so far this month and with the World Cup kicking off last night, I know he’s keeping an eye on that.

Despite some very strange results in the MLB so far, Florin Groza has managed to put together a profitable week and he will be looking for more of the same as the season goes on.

With 8 tips and 135 units of profit, Jeremy Price has done well but perhaps not as well as he would have wished.  I’m sure his clients are very happy with him winning more each week than it costs to sign up for his service for a month but I know he’s looking to exceed that target.

Iker Leon has also had a good week.  He’s not been as prolific as some of the other tipsters with only 4 selections but with 124 units of profit over the last 7 days and 380.8 units of profit so far this month, we’ve seen this profitable tipster pick up a number of new clients over the last week.

6 other tipsters also made a profit over the last week.

We’ve seen a number of our tipsters struggle over the last week with Leon Topolski (-400.2 units) and Aiden Monroe (-299 units) having the toughest time of all.  Losing runs can be hard to take and the pressure builds up on the tipster as well during these times.  They are fully aware of the responsibility and faith that their clients have entrusted in them and work hard to try to come up with winning selections.  The aim is to get it right often enough to make a profit and that has regularly been the case.  At other times there will be losing runs and then the tipster needs to be at the top of their game to make sure the losses aren’t too hard to take.

With 10 tips over the last week Chris Tomas has kept himself busy but a few results haven’t gone his way and he’s showing a loss for the week of 189.5 units.

Matt Walker lost slightly less with 167.2 units dropped over the last 7 days.  He placed 7 tips during that period.

Paul Bradbury had a few good days but it wasn’t quite enough to get him into profit.  At one point it looked like a big winner was going to come in for him yesterday which would have made things look very different but it wasn’t to be.  He ended up with a loss of 150 units from 21 tips.

Christopher Silenos placed 2 tips and dropped 123.6 units over the week.  With the World Cup here he’ll be looking to ensure that the next few weeks end profitably.

We were unsure whether or not to include Stuart Woodrow’s first tip in these figures as he had no clients at that point and his service isn’t intended to include friendlies.  In the end we decided to report the results of the tips posted on the site and although no-one received it, that would include his first selection.

Stuarts first two tips have both failed to win and he has dropped 120 units.  He’s already sent out the 3 selections for the games over the next 24 hours and looks happy with his choices.  He will only be active during the World Cup so any subscription purchased will only last as long as the competition is running.

I’m giving you advanced warning now that I’m going to be away on business between Monday & Friday next week so there is a chance that we have to skip a few updates.  I hope to avoid that though but please understand that it’s going to be a little difficult to put these updates together whilst I’m on the road.

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