BetAdvisor Weekly Update 25/04/2014 – 01/05/2014

We’ve seen a really strong return from the BetAdvisor tipsters over the last week.  With 1564.6 units of profit it’s been a good time to follow a tipster.  We’ve seen a total of 217 tips from our 29 active tipsters.

John Fisher won the most over the last week with 525.2 units of profit from his 11 tips, that put him into profit for the month of April and is the kind of performance we want to see from him every month.

Boyan Chernykh may be on probation for another 8 days but he hasn’t let that stop him, with 325 units of profit over the last week he was ourr 2nd biggest winner.

The Football Analyst may have decided to call time on his BetAdvisor career at the end of the season but he’s going out with a bang and won 256.6 units in the last week.

Chris Tomas picked up a round 2000 units of profit in April and with 237 units of profit in the last week he kept up his steady form.

Leon Topolski may not have made any profit yesterday but over the last 7 days he has picked up 233 units.

Gabriel Vannier is right behind Leon with 229 units, after him comes Jeremy Price with 228.

We might as well go the whole hog and give you the details of every tipster that made money in the last week.  Joao Gomez picked up 164.2 units.  Aiden Monroe has made 160 and last, but not least, Milos Nusic carried on his fine form and picked up 138.4 units of profit.

Not everybody saw things go their own way, where there are winners there will inevitably be losers as well.

Raul Pinto racked up the biggest loss with 380 units lost in the last 7 days.

James Tucker saw his poor run extended by a week as he lost 280 units.

Matt Walker dropped 180 units and John Sills lost another 140.

Any other losses were below the 100 units mark.

Overall it was a good week, of course we want those that posted losses to turn that around and get into profit (whilst ensuring the winners keep winning) but realistically there will be losses and profits across the board.  We hope you have a great weekend of betting and be sure to hit us up on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions or comments.

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