BetAdvisor Weekly Review

It’s only been a few days since I did a week long review of the selections made at BetAdvisor but we want to try to keep the Friday – Thursday reviews going as much as possible (there won’t be one next week though).  As detailed in the last big review there have been some big losses that have been hard to get past; those losses have ended up seeing a number of tipsters end the week with a negative return.  The situation we find ourself in this week is one of a loss overall.  Some tipsters have done better than others and we’ll go through the results and highlight those that have won or lost more than 100 units.

This last week has seen 251 tips from 31 active tipsters.  Those tips led to a loss of 606.07 units.

The biggest winner over the last week is James Tucker who is showing a return to the kind of form we’ve seen form him previously.  His 5 tips over the last 7 days have produced a profit of 576.88 units.  That’s taken him from a position of loss to a real profit.  James hasn’t seen everything go his own way recently but the tide seems to have turned for a number of our horse racing tipsters and this is just one example of that.

Another would be Colm Makin who has also had a strong week.  His profit isn’t as strong as James Tuckers but at 267.5 it is still a very respectable sum and it has also seen him move into profit for the month.  At 20 tips he has been a lot busier than James, in fact he has been busier than almost all the other tipsters (only Florin Groza and Joao Gomez matched him).

Leon Topolski continues his fine form with 248 units of profit from 12 tips.  He’s now up to 608.8 units for the month so far and is well on his way to reaching his personal target of 1000 units for the month.

Joao Gomez picked up 198.4 units from his 20 tips and is another that ahs been in good form this month.  He now has 548.5 units for the month of May.

Daniel Larsen has been a fair bit quieter but with 152.8 units from 5 tips I doubt anyone is complaining, we’re certainly not.  Daniel is still showing a loss for the month so far but things are now looking a lot better than they were before.

Boyan Chernykh was featured in yesterdays newsletter and he has shown that he deserves his place on BetAdvisor with another solid week of betting. With another 131 units of profit he’s certainly backing up our decision to move him online and at €49 a month (for now) he’s a low cost option for new clients to cut their teeth on.

Simeone Tassini has added another 127 units to his total for the month and he is no in a “real” profit position with 198 units for the month.

Jorge Aragundy may have only placed 3 bets this past week but when you win enough to cover the next month of subscription he’s clearly doing a good job.

6 other tipsters also made a profit below 100 units.

John Sills had the toughest week on BetAdvisor with 450 units of loss.  that’s eaten into his earlier profits and he now sits at 152.5 units for the month.  A good but not great position to be in.

After a very strong month in April, Chris Tomas has not fared so well in May.  He’s dropped 361 units over the last week which takes him to -57 for the month.

The Premier League season may be over and the last weekend was not a jolly one for Jason Mills as he dropped 360 units.  He’ll be back next season but until then he’s taking a break as he won’t be covering the World Cup.

Gabriel Vannier has had a rough couple of months and with another 345 units lost over the last week it’s not pretty reading for him or his clients.

Milos Nusic has been in such good form in 2014 that we’ll forgive him the loss he’s suffered so far this month.  I’m sure his long term clients have been very happy with the work he’s doing.

With a loss of 203 units Florin Groza has some work to do to make this month a profitable one.  Florin is exceptionally professional though and even if he has one losing month I know it won’t let it affect him or the work he does.

Dmitry Lebedev may have dropped 134.4 units over the last 7 days but he still has a profit of 97 units for the month and a yield of 5.64% in May.

Kristian Nordquist has not had the best week, though there have been bright spots, that doesn’t mean he should be overlooked though as he is still in profit for the month and there will be ups and downs with any service.

Aiden Monroe has lost 105 units over the last week but I’m sure everybody knows the high esteem that he is held in these parts.  He won’t dwell on this and will be determined to get back into profit.


Bet of the Week:

John Sills may not have had the best of weeks but he does have the biggest winning bet from the last 7 days.  His selection of Cloughernagh Boy at odds of 9/2 came in and won him 450 units of profit from a 100 unit bet.

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