BetAdvisor Weekend Update

It’s all go here at BetAdvisor HQ right now, not just with the World Cup coming up but also with lots of new ideas being bounced around and being put into development.  It’s an exciting time to be working here right now and I’m sure a lot of you will be seeing the results of the new ideas and improvements over the coming months.

The weekends results show a very small loss over the weekend, certainly nothing to get worried about, especially when you consider that one of the losing tips was one that was not sent to any clients as Stuart Woodrows account was not visible at the time it was sent out.  We are going to count that tip though as we count anything that was sent out through the website and this tip is no different.

In all we have 6 tipsters to talk about who finished with profitable results and 5 to look at with a negative return.

Alfie Hazel won the most over the weekend with 210 units of profit.  He only placed one bet but that was all he needed to pick up some extra money for his clients.  It was also enough to take him into profit for the month.

Jeremy Price was a little busier, placing 4 selections over the weekend and the end results was another 158 units.  That takes him up to 340 units for the month.

Another tipster who kept his powder dry was Iker Leon, he placed just one tip but picked up 149.6 units of profit.  He now has 406.4 units of profit for June so far.

Colm Makin not only had the biggest individual win over the weekend but he was also one of our busiest tipsters.  His 9 selections saw him pick up a profit of 147.5 units.

Florin Groza was also busy with 7 selections.  He won 130 units which brought him back a little bit of profit in a tough month so far.

The last tipster with a positive return over the weekend was Simeone Tassini who made 5 selections and won 102.2, just earning himself a mention in this update.  Simeone also has the biggest winnings of any tipster so far this month.

Onto those who did not fare so well.

Gabriel Vannier made 4 bets over the weekend and lost 194 units.  It’s still relatively early in the month and Gabriel doesn’t have the kind of losses yet that look like they’re going to leave a black mark.

Aiden Monroe has been struggling for a while now but this is a tipster that has made so much in the past that we’re standing by him and just waiting this rough period out.  We’ve had clients ask why we keep him on the site and the simple answer is he’s shown what he can do in the past and we would be foolish to let him go at the first bump in the road.  This is a tipster with fantastic ability and when this bad run ends he’ll start picking up big winners once again.

Milos Nusic placed 4 bets and dropped 172 units over the weekend.  He’s starting to build up some big losses for the month and we’ll keep an eye on this as the month progresses.

Paul Bradbury dropped 150 units from his 4 selections over the weekend.  Paul knows what he’s doing though and won’t let a little blip affect him or the way he works.

Leon Topolski was one of our busier tipsters over the weekend and placed 8 tips.  Unfortunately for him (and his clients) those selections led to an overall loss of 107.2 units.

Bet of the Weekend

As stated earlier, Colm Makin had the biggest winner of the week.  He backed Ishiamber  to win at Bath on Friday and picked up 280 units of profit from a 40 unit bet.

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