BetAdvisor Weekend Update 28/04/2014

It’s been a very good weekend of profits for the BetAdvisor tipsters.  We’ve seen some exellent results form a number of tipsters and the overall profit of 1575.1 units of profit is testament to that.

Our biggest winner was probationary tipster Boyan Chernykh.  He picked up 391 units of profit from his 7 selections over the weekend and he seems to have settled into the site.  If things continue like this then Boyan will be promoted to a full tipster on the 9th May and we’ll be sending out feedback forms later this week for anyone who has been following him over the last month.

Matt Walker had a very good weekend and picked up 320 units of profit from just 4 tips.  Matt is very close to getting into profit for the month and after the rough run he’s had, it’s good to see the turn-around.

Talking of turn-arounds, The Football Analyst had another good weekend and picked up 256.6 units of profit, just ahead of the 244 units won by Leon Topolski who has now broken 1000 units of profit for the month of April.

Aiden Monroe continued his resurgent form and picked up another winner over the weekend.  His profit of 220 units takes him up to 390.5 units of profit for the month.

Dmitry Lebedev won 182.8 units, picking up wins in 57% of his 7 tips this weekend.  Those results put him into a “real” profit for the month.

Jeremy Price picked up another 145 units over the last 3 days and is now up to 694 units of profit in April.

Milos Nusic is showing the kind of consistency we have seen from him in the past.  2013 wasn’t a great year for him but 2014 is going very nicely with profit every month.  He won another 143.2 units this weekend.

There were other winners as well, Jorge Aragundy, Colm Makin, Tomislav Vucic, Daniel Larsen, Jonas Jonaitis, Simeone Tassini, Chris Tomas (now up to 1959 units for the month) and Jason Mills all made profit from Friday to Sunday.

Only 3 tipsters made losses over 100 units with Raul Pinto having the toughest weekend, losing 380 units of profit.  The rest of the losses were very small and the careful management from our tipsters led to a strong profit overall.

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