BetAdvisor Weekend Update 22/04/2014

First the good news, the weekend is over.  Now the bad news, it was a horrible weekend for the BetAdvisor tipsters.

Ok, these results are taken over 4 days instead of the usual 3 but there is no denying it, the last 2 days have been a nightmare for the BetAdvisor tipsters and some heavy losses have been sustained.

In total the tipsters lost 862.8 units of profit over the last 4 days.  There were some good performances as well and we’ll go through those soon but heavy losses from a number of tipsters meant that we have started this week with a nasty negative return to overcome.

2 tipsters have been placed on pause for a week as they simply lost too much for us to allow them to continue.

Here are the most significant winners and losers:

Matt Walker had our biggest loss of the weekend.  He dropped 560 units which brought his profit for April down to 260.8 units overall.  He’s still playing with profit from earlier this month and a drop like this is very unusual for him.

tipster Leon TopolskiLeon Topolski was our biggest winner.  He picked up a stunning 755.4 units over the weekend in an impressive return to form, he’s now up to 716 units of profit for the month of April which shows what a good weekend he’s had.  It’s been noticed as well as we have already had requests from 2 clients asking to switch to him.

John Sills lost 450 units over the last 4 days and when you add that up to his other losses this month it’s been a pretty horrendous period for him.  He’s now on pause for a week which will give him some time to review everything.

The Football Analyst picked up 184.8 units over the weekend, it’s not enough to bring him into a profit making position but it’s a good start.

tipster Milos NusicMilos Nusic continued his steady form, he picked up 147.2 units of profit and he is now showing that his rough patch at the back end of last year is truly behind him.  This is a tipster everyone should be keeping an eye on.

Gabriel Vannier lost 447.4 units, he is the second tipster we’ve placed on pause as he too has lost too much recently for us to be happy with his performance.

With another 77 units of profit Chris Tomas keeps up his outstanding month.  He’s now up to 1663 units of profit for the month and we’re amazed that more people haven’t caught ontot hits tipsters fine form.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another update on our tipsters results but make sure you keep an eye out for our Tipster Academy Update and also the Tuesday Twitter Tip which will be up later on.

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