BetAdvisor Weekend Update 19/05/2014

I have to say, I’m very pleased with the selections provided by the BetAdvisor tipsters over the weekend.  With more than half making a profit and the overall total being 1480.95 units of profit, it would be very difficult to be otherwise.  Even those tipsters that did have losses kept them quite small in the main and I have more tipsters with over 100 units of profit to talk about than those with losses over 100 units.

Alfie Hazel was the biggest winner over the weekend with 490.25 units of profit from his 6 selections.  It’s not normally too helpful to talk about yield over such a small number of tips but when the yield is 129.01% I think we can allow a small exception.

Jeremy Price took his month into a very solid profit with 422 units of profit.  That takes him up to 433 units overall so the last 7 tips have been very profitable for him and his clients.

Probationary tipster Iker Leon picked up 417 units of profit from his 5 tips over the weekend.  Iker is doing really well since his promotion online and we’re very pleased with him.  He’s making this probation period a formality and right now I can’t see a reason why we wouldn’t make him a full tipster.

Simeone Tassini made 4 selections over the weekend and picked up another 259 units of profit.  Those 4 selections took him up to 459 units oif profit for the month and it looks like Simeone is finishing off the season in good form.

Florin Groza has had his struggles this month but this weekend belied all of that and brought him a profit of 241 units.  Another run like that and he’ll be back in profit for the month.

Horse racing tipster James Tucker continues his recovery after a rough couple of months and picks up another 228 units, taking him up to 584.88 units for the month of May and giving him a 110.84% yield for this month as well.

Daniel Larsen takes his service into profit for the month with 175.2 units of profit made from his 2 bets.  He’s got a little way to go before he reaches a “real” profit (profit – subscription costs) but with his service being discounted right now it’s not an impossible situation.

Dmitry Lebedev made 6 selections over the weekend and takes his service up to 240 units for the month.  With 143 units profit made over the weekend he seems to be enjoying the NBA play-offs right now.

Aiden Monroe suffered the biggest loss over the weekend with 220 units lost from his 5 selections.

John Sills dropped 200 units from his 2 tips and that takes him into a negative position for the month.

Leon Topolski suffered a rare loss over the weekend and also dropped 200 units.  He still has 408.8 units for the month so far so there is still reason for optimism here.

It looks like Arie Hordman may suffer a rare losing month.  This weekend saw him drop 160 units and that takes him into a negative position as well.  With 12 days to go in the month there is still time for him to turn this around and knowing Arie, he probably will.

Joao Gomez was our busiest tipster over the weekend with 14 tips.  Unfortunately he ended up with a loss of 101 units but he is still ahead this month and has quite a buffer before we will start to worry.


Alfie Hazel was not just our biggest winner but he also had the weekends best tip.  With 324 units made from a 60 unit bet, his selection of Juventas was very profitable and certainly helped him on his way to a very profitable weekend.

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