BetAdvisor Weekend Update 15/04/2014

So I’m back from a long weekend off, that’s the reason why we didn’t have an update yesterday, and looking at the tipsters results, it appears we had a mixed bag.  Some tipsters did very well, others struggled.  Unfortunately the tipsters lost slightly more than they won overall so I’ve got to report a small loss of 259.6 units.

The biggest winner over the weekend was Jeremy Price.  With 404.5 units of profit from his 7 bets (a 71.43% hit rate) moved him into a very solid profit for the month.

Aiden Monroe also had a good weekend with 277.5 units of profit won from his 5 selections.  It’s been a much better month for Aiden so far and he looks to have broken the back of his unusually long losing run.

Chris Tomas had another good weekend as he picked up 166 units, that takes him up to 1257 units for the month overall and keeps him as this months no.1 earner.

Big losses from John Sills (-450), The Football Analyst (-323), Leon Topolski (-300) and Gabreil Vannier (-254) didn’t help anyone out and certainly contributed to the overall loss.

We hope you had a profitable weekend with your betting and I’ll be back tomorrow with another update.

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