BetAdvisor Update: Reasons To Be Cheerful 25/03/2014

Yesterdays results were somewhat typical of what we have seen over the last week or so.  Some tipsters doing well and making money but others having a particularly bad day and losing enough to affect the group as a whole.

In many ways it’s unfair to judge all 40 tipsters in one go but short of going through and evaluating each tipsters results individually we’re not left with any other option.

The main culprit for yesterdays losses was Gabriel Vannier who is struggling after having a very good couple of months.  In my opinion he sent out too many tips and I have told him as much this morning.  We know that subscribers want “quality” tips, not “a lot” of tips and I think tipsters occasionally forget that.  Gabriels loss of 430 units from his six bets made a dent that the other tipsters were not able to recover.  Losses from other tipsters all added up and those that did win didn’t win enough to make up for it.

So, we know that we made a loss but we’re going to follow Ian Drury and The Blockheads example and look for “Reasons To Be Cheerful”:

1. James Tucker ended a long losing run with a winner that picked up 165 units of profit.

2. Raul Pinto got back to his highly selective way of working and picked up another winner, making enough for him to get into profit for the month and cover the cost of subscription.

3. Jeremy Price made two selections, won them both and picked up a profit of 176 units.

See you all back here tomorrow for another update.

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