BetAdvisor Update 30/04/2014

So with the last day of the month here we’ll be putting together the figures for the monthly results.  All will be revealed in a monthly update tomorrow and as many of you will be relaxing on a rare day off, you’ll have plenty of time to read and digest.

We expect to be promoting a new tipster today as well,  Kristian Nordquist will be promoted from Tipster Academy and he will be the first handball tipster to join us on the site.

Yesterday was another good day on BetAdvisor, with a collective profit of 435.5 units from 26 tips.

If you remember yesterdays post we talked about how John Fisher had suffered a bad day but that he had a tip in the works that could wipe out his problems, well, that was his selection of a Real Madrid win and that came in for him in some style.  Not only was it a great match BUT the profit of 380 units that it brought in did his total for April a world of good.  His two other winning bets didn’t hurt either and he finished the day with 643 units of profit.  That wipes out any losses from earlier this month and leaves him with a total of 480.2 units for the month of April so far.

Gabriel Vannier also had an excellent day, with 7 bets placed he picked up 327 units of profit.  Some people may judge him on win-rate alone which at just under 43% would do him an injustice.  You need to measure the win rate against the average odds before you can see the true worth of a tipster.

There were 3 other tipsters who finished the day in profit, Aiden Monroe picked up 30 units, Arie Hordman added another 44.5 units to his total for the month and Chris Tomas picked up another 41 units to take his monthly total past the 2000 unit mark.

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