BetAdvisor Update 29/04/2014

With only 7 active BetAdvisor tipsters and 17 tips placed yesterday, todays article is going to be a short one.

Before we get onto the results, just to let you know that we will be sending out the Tuesday Twitter Tip later on and we have already published one article this morning that everyone should take a look at: The Law of Large Numbers

Ok, the numbers:

With only 17 tips placed it wasn’t going to take much to tip the results one way or the other, in the end we sawa very small loss of 77.8 units on the day but we’re still well ahead for the month and there are a number of events going on today that could see some profits being made.

tennis tipsterThe days biggest winner was Gabriel Vannier who picked up 143 units from 6 selections.  Gabriel was understandably unhappy when we placed his service on pause last week and we don’t know for sure whether our actions stopped him picking up winners like this or stopped him from losing any more money.  It’s always a difficult decision on whether or not to pause a tipster but our thinking is that everyone needs a break at some point, whether it’s just to recharge their batteries or to evaluate their recent selections and see if anything has changed.

Strangely enough, the other tipster we placed on pause was our other winner on the day.  John Sills picked up 50 units, winning one of his two selections.

No-one suffered particularly badly yesterday; John Fisher had the toughest day with a 100.8 unit loss and he’s got a selection out today that may just win him that back.  We’ll see what the day ahead holds and we’ll be back with another update tomorrow.

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