BetAdvisor Update 28/03/2014

After a tough week of results we saw a turnaround yesterday with 443.2 units of profit made across the 14 BetAdvisor tipsters who were active.

Three standout performances were the bedrock for this success with Oscar West, Alen Hadzic and Gabriel Vannier all picking up more than 300 units each.

Other winners on the day were Dmitry Lebedev and Daniel Larsen, not huge wins but it all adds up.

As it’s Friday we’ll be giving a way the Friday Facebook Free Tip later on, let us know on the Facebook page which tipster you would like to see give away the free tip.

We’re also going to be putting together another blog post later on with the videos we filmed with SBR yesterday, accompanying that will be the analysis that Jason Mills sent in for those games.

We’ll be back after the weekend when we will give our usual 3 day round up.

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