BetAdvisor Update 26/03/2014

Wednesday is often a day of decisions here at BetAdvisor HQ and one decision has already been taken this morning,  unfortunately for Benas Kleiza it was not a happy one as it was decided that he was not going to pass his probation period and he was taken offline.  This is the way things go sometimes, a tipster can look great during their trial period but are unable to adapt to the pressures of working online.  It’s one thing to be entering tips anonymously during your trial period and completely another thing to know that people will be placing their hard earned cash on the selections you advise.  Not everyone is going to make it.

We wish Benas all the best for the future and we’re sorry it didn’t work out.

The BetAdvisor tipsters have to make big decisions all the time, sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don’t.  It can be a help when you have a mathematical system to help you make your decisions but it can occasionally backfire and cost you some hard earned profit.  Jason Mills found that out yesterday when his ratings system chose Manchester United and Newcastle United as outside winners for last nights games.  Neither of those selections paid off but Jason has a huge amount of faith in his system (he should after all of the money it has won him in the past) and he’s going to continue to find there are selections like that from time to time and when they do pay off, they should cover the losses from bets like last night.

Wednesday is also newsletter writing day and this weeks featured tipster was decided some time ago.  All I’ll say is he’s been one of our most successful tipsters in his chosen sport and he’s been on a break so we’re going to be highlighting his service now he’s returned.  Make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter to see exactly who I’m talking about.

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